"Who Else Wants the Adventure of a Life-Time With an Up-Close and Personal Experience With Life Under the Ocean?"


“That was an awesome day and I can’t wait to go back out with Center Ring Diving again.” – Andrew Benziger

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Center Ring Diving is all about YOU – the adventurer seeking to explore and experience life under the ocean. If you want to explore the ocean depths with a licensed dive master to fulfill your dream of seeing life under the ocean up close and personal, then Dave Lawrence are your guides to an underwater world filled with mystery and awe.

We have just the right packages that include either a half day of ocean fun or the full day ocean adventure. We specialize in ocean diving and deep-sea fishing so you can have a half day of each and have it all. Best of all, we can accomodate customized packages to meet your needs and budget.

Depart at 10am – Return at 3 or 4pm
Breakfast, Gourmet Lunch, and All Beverages Included

 » Shark Canyon & Pinnacles «
Two exclusive sites in one day. Snacks and soft drinks available all the time. We can set lines and fish on the way out and coming back, while enjoying fantastic views, from the bridge of the Queen of the Ring!
 » All Wrecked «
3 wrecks in one day! We will explore the wrecks of the YO, San Pedro, and the Sea Tiger in Waikiki. All of it with the comfort and amenities of the Queen of the Ring.
 » Waikiki Wreck & Reef Adventure «
One Wreck & one Shallow Reef (Seatiger & Turtle Canyon or Horseshoe Reef)

Ready to Find Out More Details? Simply Call Dave Lawrence at 808-692-3474.

Two of the most exciting & exclusive dive spots on the south shore of Oahu are "Pinnacles" and "Shark Canyon".  These pristine dive sites are exclusive because most dive boats are smaller and do not venture as far offshore as the 'Queen of the Ring' 61.5' motor yacht. Because these sites are rarely visited by divers they remain vibrant and exotic.

And Center Ring Diving offers a dive package where you can visit both amazing sites in one day! Or visit 3 wrecks in one day! Explore the wrecks of the YO, San Pedro, and the Sea Tiger in Waikiki. Or go for a Waikiki wreck and a reef adventure at Sea Tiger, Turtle Canyon or Horseshoe Reef.  

Ask your questions or book your reservation to standard dive packages like "Pinnacles" or "Shark Canyon".  Or get a customized dive package to cater to your specific wants and all packages are extremely affordable and designed to fit your budget. 

New to scuba? We offer a Introductory Discover Scuba course for beginners by Alan, a PADI certified diving instructor.

Are you an experienced technical diver wanting to do mixed gas and rebreather diving in Hawaii? No problem. Or are you somewhere in between?  We've got you covered!

Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, & spear-fishing are all available to you with Center Ring Diving.

Just looking to cruise around on a 61.5 foot deluxe motor yacht perhaps? Alan and Wanda can take you on a breathtaking Hawaiian sunset cruise. How about a outer island cruise or overnight excursion? We offer private luxury charters with gourmet pupu's, gourmet dinner, beer, wine, and champagne.

Dave Lawrence
Hawaii scuba diving instructor and dive master. Scuba Diving Hawaii

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